How do you increase the mechanical advantage of a third-class lever?

1 Answer
Apr 28, 2018

By decreasing the distance between the Effort and Load Points.


In a Class-III lever, the Fulcrum is at one end, the Load point is at the other end and the Effort point lies in-between the two. So the effort arm is less than the load arm.

# MA = ("effort arm")/("load arm") < 1#

To increase the #MA# the effort arm must be made to approach as close as is possible to the load arm. This is done by moving the effort point closer to the load point.

Note: I do not know why one would want to increase the #MA# of a Class-III lever. The purpose of class-III levers is as Velocity Multipliers. By increasing the #MA# of it the purpose is defeated. Only for Force Multiplier machines would one want to increase the #MA#. For that purpose one either use the Class-II levers or Class-I lever.