How do you make an upside down question mark using symbols in Microsoft word?

1 Answer

Click where you want your upside down question mark to appear. Before creating your inverted question mark, make sure to click into the right spot on your screen.


Locate the Alt key on your keyboard. Look to the lower right and left side corners of your keyboard, right next to the space bar. You'll see two buttons labeled as Alt. You'll only need to use one of the two Alt keys, depending on your personal preference. If you're predominantly right handed, for example, you might want to use the left Alt key[1].
Then, with your other hand, type 0191 on the numerical part of your keyboard. If this code doesn't work, try typing the numbers 168 while still holding down the Alt key[2].

Release the Alt key. Your inverted symbol will appear on your screen in the position of your cursor.