How do you see Locke's ideas represented in Jefferson's writing? What are some similarities between the pieces of writing?

1 Answer
Mar 9, 2018


The ideal that people had basic human rights that were not dependent on the government.


Locke had argued that no where in the Bible was the concept of the Divine Right of Kings taught. The King and therefore the government did not have the power to dispense rights and privileges to the people.

Locke declared that people and basic human rights derived from natural laws. These rights did come come from the government but were inherit in all people. Locke listed these basic human rights as life, liberty and property.

Thomas Jefferson was a great admirer of John Locke and used the ideals expressed by Locke in his declaration of Independence. Jefferson echoed Locke in his statement that all people are created equal have and basic human rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Both Locke and Jefferson expressed the ideal that people have basic human rights that do not come from Kings, or governments, but from God.

Both expressed similar lists of these basic human rights including life and liberty.