How do you simplify #-50- 2[ 3( 1- f ) - 3( - 2+ f ) ]#?

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Ben G. Share
Sep 22, 2017




Any simplification problem can be solved by following the BEDMAS law* : Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. Work in this order and you'll get it right.

First, expand all the brackets by multiplying the outside term with each of the inside ones, working from the inside out:

Now add like terms, and expand again:
#-50-2[9-6f] = -50-18+12f#

Then just add like terms again:

And that's the answer! Remember that when multiplying positives and negatives, the answer is positive if the the signs are the same, and negative if they're different.

* Even those stupid Facebook ones...
** Order of Operations

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