How do you simplify the square root of 750?

1 Answer
May 9, 2018

#10 xx sqrt(7.5)#,


With modern calculators - OK, even with our old slide rules - it really can be calculated directly. BUT, if you want to simplify the expression first into smaller units, you can separate a 'square' factor from the original value.
#sqrt(750) = sqrt(100 xx 7.5) = sqrt(100) xx sqrt(7.5)#
This is now #10 xx sqrt(7.5)#, but I'm now sure that easier the new radical is any to calculate that the original.

We could take it one more level down with 7.5 = 4 xx 1.875 to
#20 xx sqrt(1.875)# Again, is it getting simpler, or just more complicated?