How do you solve #5/8-:3/4#?

2 Answers
Apr 25, 2017

See the solution process below:


Use this rule for dividing fractions:

#(color(red)(a)/color(blue)(b))/(color(green)(c)/color(purple)(d)) = (color(red)(a) xx color(purple)(d))/(color(blue)(b) xx color(green)(c))#

#(color(red)(5)/color(blue)(8))/(color(green)(3)/color(purple)(4)) = (color(red)(5) xx color(purple)(4))/(color(blue)(8) xx color(green)(3)) = 20/24#

We can factor and simplify this as:

#20/24 = (4 xx 5)/(4 xx 6) = (color(red)(cancel(color(black)(4))) xx 5)/(color(red)(cancel(color(black)(4))) xx 6) = 5/6#

Apr 25, 2017



When you divide a number by a fraction, you multiply that number by the inverse of the fraction.

If the fraction is in the form of a/b, then its inverse is simply b/a.



Hope that helps!