How do you solve an empirical formula?

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Apr 29, 2016

Empirical Formula shows us the ratio of constituent elements in compound


Procedure is divided in 6 easy steps which i will show you
I recommend making a table to solve this
(1)Write name of given elements or their symbols(like C,H,O)

(2)Then in column beside it write percentages of respective elements
(like C-48%,O-15)

(3)Write atomic mass of respective elements(C-12)

(4)Divide those percentages with atomic mass of respective elements you will get relative number of moles(C-#48/12#)

(5)Divide ratio of all elements with smallest relative number of moles

(6)You will get a whole number ratio but if you did't get it then multiply all of number by a particular whole number and then fill in the whole number ratio to respective elements.

This will be more clear with an example
A compound on analysis gave the following percentage composition Na=14.31% S=9.97% H=6.22% O=69.5%. Calculate the molecular formula of the compound on the assumption that all hydrogen in the compound present in the combination with oxygen as water of crystallisation. Molecular mass of the compound is 322. Na=23 S=32 O=16 H=1.


Video will make you understand better