How do you solve and graph #abs(-h+1.5)<3#?

1 Answer
Jul 5, 2017

$$1.5 < h < 4.5$$.


When you have an absolute value in an inequality you have to treat the two cases.
The first case is when the argument of the absolute value is positive $$-h+1.5\ge 0$$
that is when $$-h \ge -1.5$$
and in this case you can simply remove the absolute value and treat it as a normal inequality
So when #h# is smaller or equal to #1.5# it has to be greater than #-1.5# in order to satisfy the equation, or in formula
$$-1.5 < h \le 1.5$$

The second case is when
$$-h+1.5< 0$$ or
$$h> 1.5$$
in this case the inequality is
that is
$$1.5 < h < 4.5$$.

Combining the two solutions (because the intervals overlaps in #1.5# we have that $$-1.5 < h < 4.5$$ and the graph is the segment between #-1.5# and #4.5#.