How do you solve and graph #d - 5 ≤ 1 #?

1 Answer
May 13, 2017

Get d on one side then use it as you X or Y value


First we need to get #d# on its own on one side, so we add five to both sides to get
#d<= 6#
So this means that it is everything less than or equal to 6 on your graph. Now to graph it, you would need to know whether #d# is on the #x# or #y# axis.

Because it is less than or equal to, we would use a solid line not a dotted line, and shade everything to the left (if d is on the x axis) or everything below (if d is on the y axis).

enter image source here
enter image source here

Hope this helps: let me know if I can do anything else:)