How do you solve for Mayra's speed if Mayra runs 3 and a quarter miles in one-half hour?

1 Answer
Oct 26, 2014

Speed (s) is calculated by dividing the distance (d) traveled by the time (t) it took to travel that distance. The equation is #s = d/t#. The units for distance include meters, centimeters, kilometers, miles, feet, inches, etc. The units for time include seconds, milliseconds, minutes, hours, etc. The unit for speed will be a distance unit over a time unit, such as km/h, m/s, mi/h, etc.

What is Myra's speed?

d = 3-1/4 miles = 3.25mi
t = 1/2 hour = 0.5h

#s = d/t#

#s = d/t# = #"3.25mi"/"0.5h"# = #"6.5mi/h"#

Myra's speed is 6.5mi/h.