How do you solve #x=(3x)/5-2#?

1 Answer
Jul 26, 2016

In this particular question you have to find out the value of x.


  1. The first step towards solving this problem is that you have to check which side before or after the equality sign can be simplified further.
  2. In this problem there is nothing that you can simplify on the left hand side ( L.H.S) of the equality sign as there is only an x. Therefore, you have to jump on the right hand side of the problem and see what you can simplify.
  3. Here, we will start solving the R.H.S of the problem by taking the L.C.M ( Lowest Common Multiple) and making a common denominator. The L.C.M here is 5.
    #x= 3x-10//5#
  4. Now, you can multiply both the sides with 5. This will give you:
    #5x= 3x - 10#
    5.Then, subtract 3x from both the sides.
    #5x - 3x = 3x -3x -10#
    This will give you,
    #2x = - 10#
    Finally, divide both the sides by 2. Therefore, your final answer will be:
    #x= -5#