How do you translate " ten less than five times the area of a triangle" into an algebraic expression?

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Apr 7, 2018

#5A -10#


Let the area of triangle be #A#.

So, that translates to #color(red)(5A-10)#

Hope this helps :)

Apr 7, 2018

#5/2bh - 10 #


If we break down each of the components of this, we can make it into an algebraic expression.

First, remember that the area of a triangle is #1/2bh#.

enter image source here

And they tell us to do #"5 times the area of a triangle"# so our equation will look like this so far:

#5(1/2bh) rarr 5/2bh#

The first part says "ten less than five times the area of a triangle", so we know that that part is going to be subtracted from the rest of the equation.

#5/2bh - 10 #

A couple things to remember that are helpful:

  1. "Less than" will always mean subtraction, whereas "more than" will always mean addition.

  2. Translate words into algebraic equations in small pieces and then combine them - it makes it easier to solve!