How do you use a calculator to evaluate the expression #log0.8# to four decimal places?

1 Answer
Nov 2, 2017

Press the keys, enter, then round it to four (see explanation below)

You should get -0.0969


1) Find a scientific or graphics calculator & turn it on
2) press the #log# button (it's usually at the top section in the middle somewhere)
3) type in 0.8 (maybe with brackets around it)
4) press #=# or 'exe' (bottom right corner usually)

Your calculator should now show -0.096910013

This is not to four decimal places!

To round to four, count 4 spaces after the decimal point. This is the 9: #-0.096color(red)(9)10013#

Get rid of everything after it. (the digits are below 5 so you round down).