How do you use the molar volume gas at STP to determine the volume (in L) of a occupied by 33.6 g of neon at STP?

1 Answer
May 15, 2017

See below.


So neon occupies 33.6 g

First we find the number of moles of Ne= #(mass)/"molar mass"#
No. of moles= #(33.6)/"20"#
No. of moles= 1.68 mol

Then, we can find volume of the gas using:
No. of moles= #(volume)/"molar volume"#

where molar volume of the gas at stp= 22.4 #Lmol^-1#

Make volume the subject of the formula

Volume= no. of moles x molar volume
Volume= 1.68 x 22.4

Volume of Ne= 37.6 L