How do you write #0.045# in scientific notation?

2 Answers
Nov 9, 2015



Move the decimal until you have the smallest whole number you can get.
What ever direction you move the decimal will tell you if it is a positive or negative exponent. In this case it was less than 1, therefore it will be a negative exponent.
Had the number been greater than one, it would've been a positive exponent.

Nov 9, 2015

#=4.5 xx 10^-2#
4.5 is called the initial number or coefficient


In writing scientific notations, the initial numbers should follow the General Standard Formula: #1<=M<10#, where M is the initial number. Just remember when you move the decimal point to the left, the exponent carries a negative sign. Use this mnemonic: LIP to mean " Left Is Negative "...