How do you write 129.5 million in scientific notation?

1 Answer
Mar 29, 2018

#1.295 xx 10^8#


Written out it looks like:

We're going to move the decimal place to the left to remove all of the zeroes. Right now the decimal place is here:

We're going to move it all the way to here and remove the zeroes:
#1color(red)"."29,500,000 rarr 1color(red)"."295#

Okay, so put your finger where the decimal is at in the first spot and move it all the way to the second spot, counting as you go. You should have moved #"8 places"#. So we're going to use the power of 10 with a 8 as the exponent:

#1.295 xx 10^8#

Here is a helpful image on scientific notation:
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And here is a helpful article .