How do you write #456,000,000# in scientific notation?

1 Answer
Mar 15, 2018

Your Answer is #4.56xx10^8#


Step 1: Is adding .00 to your original number


Step 2: move your decimal to the left until their is ONE number in front of the decimal


Step 3: determine your power. Or how many times you had to move your decimal. In this case you moved it 8 times

Step 4: determine if your power is positive or negative. To determine this, you look at your original number. If the number is < 1 or less than one, the power is negative. If the number is >1 or greater than one, the power will be positive. In this case your original number is positive, therefore your power is positive

Step 5: Finally, combine everything and put into scientific notation form.

Your answer is Scientific Notation form is: #4.56xx10^8#.

I hope that helps!