How do you write #6,000,550,000# in scientific notation?

1 Answer
Apr 3, 2016

#6.00055 X 10^9 or, in programming mode, 6.00055 e+09.


In scientific notation, the integer part is usually the most significant digit ( msd ). Here it is 6, of place value #10^9#.

If some tail-end least significant digits ( lsd ) form a string of zeros (there are 4 zeros here ), they are not shown. Yet, if they are correct digits, they could be included in the display.

So, if necessary, the notation could be 6.000550000 e+09, This is called the exponent-mantissa form.

The mantissa is 6.000550000 and the exponent digits +09 should include sign + or# -#. The exponent #+-d# gives the place value of the msd as #10^(+-d)#. Here, msd is 6, d = +9 and the place value of 6 is #10^9#...