How do you write 7,560 in scientific notation?

2 Answers
Jan 18, 2017

To write this in scientific notation the decimal point needs to be moved 3 places to the left therefore the 10s term will have a positive exponent:

#7,560 = 7.56 xx 10^3#

Jan 18, 2017

#7.560 * 10^3#


"Scientific" notation was created for when numbers were too large to write down, especially when they had a lot of 0 digits. To write a number in scientific notation, you multiply it by a power of 10, be it a negative or positive power. Adding 1 to the exponent moves the decimal point one space to the right, or if there is no decimal point, adds a zero. Subtracting 1 from the exponent is the opposite, moving the decimal point 1 space to the left, and also adding a zero to the left if it could not move any further left.