How do you write a good essay introduction?

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Mar 10, 2018

See answer below:


Good essay introductory paragraphs contain several key components:

1) An intriguing "hook" that captures the reader's attention. You want an interesting first sentence that makes readers want to keep reading. Use something that doesn't sound boring or uninteresting.

  • Boring sentence : Skydiving is fun.
    #rarr# Not descriptive, lacks interest
  • Attention grabbing sentence: There is nothing more exciting than plummeting through the sky at 120 miles an hour.
    #rarr# Leaves you wondering what the topic is, has descriptive words.

2) It introduces your topic well. Your reader should know exactly what you are going to be talking about by the end of your first paragraph. They do not have to know all the details, as those will be hashed out later, but they should know the topic, as well as some basic information that you will discuss.

3) A strong thesis statement. This should be located at the end of the introduction paragraph, and should let the reader know what your stance on the topic is.
If, for example, my topic was about teens and credit cards, and I believed that teens should not have them, these are some resulting theses:

  • Bad thesis : Credit cards aren't good for teenagers.
    #rarr# Gives no reason, and doesn't state what I am going to spend the rest of the paper on.
  • Good thesis: Though credit cards might look like the secret to unlimited money, they’re something that almost no teenager can deal with.
    #rarr# Gives a reason, and also gives some meat for thought that I will expand on later.

Hope this helps!