How do you write a polynomial in standard form, then classify it by degree and number of terms #-2x^3-x-4x^2#?

1 Answer
Mar 10, 2018


It is a cubic trinomial.


The standard form of a polynomial is #A_1x^n+A_2x^(n-1)+...+A_nx+A_(n+1)#, where each #A_y# refers to a different value.

In the given polynomial, the standard form is
as we have to arrange it in descending orders of degree of monomials.

To classify it by degree, the highest degree in this polynomial is 3.
Hence, it is called a degree-3 polynomial (or cubic in exact)

To classify it by the number of terms, there are a total of 3 terms.
This makes it a trinomial (which means a polynomial with three terms).