How do you write a polynomial in standard form, then classify it by degree and number of terms #9z^2 - 11z^2 + 5z - 5#?

1 Answer
Mar 15, 2016

First, we see that there are two terms that are #z^2#, so we can combine these.

#9z^2 - 11z^2 = -2z^2#

So now we have #-2z^2 + 5z - 5#

This is our standard form.
The degree is the highest exponent in our polynomial, which is #2#.
The number of terms is the number of separate terms or values in our polynomial. This one has #3# terms, so it is a trinomial.

Usually, 2nd degree would be quadratic, third degree cubic, 4th degree quartic, etc.

So overall, this polynomial is a quadratic trinomial.