How do you write a problem that can be solved using proportions. Write the proportion and solve the problem?

1 Answer
Jul 13, 2017

A proportion problem is written and solved by setting up two equilivant fractions.


An common example is a percentage problem. The percent can be written as a fraction with a denominator of 100. The equilivant fraction is written as the part over the whole

# (part)/(wh) = %/ 100# If you know the percent and the total or whole it is possible to solve for the part or amount of the percentage can be solved using a proportion.

# x/120 = (15%)/100# Multiplying both sides by 120 will leave the unknown isolated by itself (x)

# x/120 xx 120 = 15 /100 xx 120#

this gives

# x = 18 #