How do you write an algebraic expression that models the word phrase "6 times a number increased by 3"?

1 Answer
Jan 30, 2016

The expression could be written as #6q+3#. (see the explanation below)


We can choose whatever pronumeral we like - a letter to stand for a number. We most often choose #x#, but we don't have to. Let's choose #q#, just for fun.

The expression is simply #6q+3#.

Well, it would be simple, but the question is not very clear: does it mean "take 6 times the number and increase the result by 3"? That's the expression written above.

Or does it mean "take 6 times the number after it has been increased by 3"? If so, the brackets would make that order clear:

The expression would be #6(q+3)#.