How do you write balanced chemical, complete ionic, and net ionic equations for each of the following reactions?

a. Aqueous solutions of lead (II) nitrate and ammonium chloride are mixed, forming a precipitate of lead (II) chloride.

b. Aqueous solutions of aluminum chloride and sodium carbonate are combined, producing solid aluminum carbonate.

1 Answer
Apr 4, 2017

#Pb(NO_3)_2(aq) + 2NH_4Cl(aq) rarr PbCl_2(s)darr + 2NH_4NO_3(aq)#


And the net ionic equation only represents macroscopic change:

#Pb^(2+) + 2Cl^(-) rarr PbCl_2(s)darr#

I leave it to you to write the chemical equation in words.


#2AlCl_3(aq) + 3Na_2CO_3(aq) rarr Al_2(CO_3)_3(s)darr + 6NaCl(aq)#

#2Al^(3+) + 3CO_3^(2-) rarr Al_2(CO_3)_3(s)darr#