How do you write the word phrases into algebraic expressions: The cost of playing tennis is $25 for a membership plus $8.50 per hour on court?

1 Answer
Jul 24, 2016

cost($) = 25 + 8.5n


The membership fee is a #color(blue)"fixed cost"# and does not vary.

The cost for playing will depend on #color(red)"number of hours played"# this quantity will vary.

If we let the number of hours played be n. Then the cost of playing n hours will be 8.5n.

for 2 hours, n= 2 #rArr"cost"=8.5xx2=$17.00#

for 5 hours, n = 5 #rArr"cost"=8.5xx5=$42.50" etc"#

Cost ($ ) =25 + 8.5n

This means that if you take out a membership and play for 4 hours then.

Cost = 25 #+(8.5xx4)=25+34=$59.00#