How does an ionic bond work?

1 Answer
Jun 28, 2017

Electrostatic force and valence electrons contribute to the happening of this bond.


Since the elements have a natural tendency to attain the nearest noble gas configuration by gaining or losing electrons to complete their octet. Hence when (usually) alkali metals and non-metals interact then:

  1. The metals try to get rid of electrons to complete their octet.
  2. The non-metals take these electrons to complete their octet.
  3. Hence the metals become positively charged( Since they lose electrons and now have more protons than electrons). Whereas the non-metals become negatively charged since they now have more electrons than protons.
  4. The oppositely charged atoms of the two elements now start attracting each other ans d due to this attraction they somewhat stick together to each other forming a kind of bond.

Hope u understood! :) @ShantanuDash