How does diffusion affect homeostasis?

1 Answer
Jun 11, 2018

Diffusion keeps concentration balanced, which is what homeostasis is.


Homeostasis refers to the ability of a cell or body to maintain a condition of equilibrium of concentration within its internal environment. An example is humans’ internal body temperature. When an individual is healthy, his/her body temperature maintains a temperature of #98.6˚# Fahrenheit. You can learn more about how the body regulates heat here. Some other examples of homeostasis are pH and nutrient levels.

Diffusion is process by which particles move from an area where they are more concentrated to an area where they are less concentrated.

When homeostasis is threatened in a cell, diffusion is used to keep the cell‘s concentration balanced. For example, calcium levels must be properly maintained. When they are too high or low, the thyroid and parathyroid cause the nutrient to diffuse in or out of the cells.