How does earth's atmosphere affect the planet?

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Sep 17, 2015

Having an atmosphere allows the Earth to support life. Weather is the main way the atmosphere affects the Earth.


The fact that the atmosphere exists means that the Earth has air pressure (otherwise the planet would be in a vacuum) and also have the gases necessary for life to exist on Earth (oxygen and carbon dioxide).

Additionally, weather occurs in the atmosphere, so every way that weather impacts the Earth is how the atmosphere affects the planet.

Finally the ozone layer absorbs harmful UV light from the sun.

To clear up a bit of misleading information from the other answer. The atmosphere does not prevent gases from escaping to outer space. The atmosphere IS THE gases, and gravity is what keeps them from escaping to outer space. Also, with the exception of UV light, which is block by the ozone layer, the magnetosphere is what protects the planet from the most harmful solar radiation not the atmosphere.