How does earth's orbit affect its tilted hemispheres?

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Mar 12, 2016

The tilt affects the angle of incidence of solar radiation. at any point on the Earth's surface, by varying it with amplitude 23.4 deg, in an orbital period one year.


The tilt angle to the normal to the ecliptic is 23.4 deg, nearly.

This axis is the Earth's polar axis.

One end is North Pole that is farthest and hidden from the Sun at Winter Solstice (around Dec 23 ) and is nearest and and Sun-facing at Summer Solstice (around June 22 ). It is the other way about, for the South Pole, at the other end of the tilt axis.

At equinoxes ( about Mar 21 and Sep 23 ), both are just facing the Sun, at mean distance from the Sun

All these affect the daily temperature range everywhere upon the Earth, depending upon the latitude of the location..