How does ecology affect our lives?

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Jan 18, 2016

Ecology by definition is the relationship of one organism to another or to their physical surroundings.


Simply put, those living plants and animal vary greatly between arid lands such as a desert and a swamp. The types of trees you find near the arctic circle are entirely different from those at the equator.

If you look at a cactus you will find it has a very tough and waxy outer layer. This is nature's way of protecting the interior water from escaping into the atmosphere.

What you are probably wondering about is man's relationship to his surroundings, an excellent reason for studying this subject. Man by his nature tends to disturb the natural ecology of any area he moves into. Man has the horrible tendency to disrupt entire food chains by living in a particular area.

A great example of this is the case of the Canadian Goose. By nature, the Canadian Goose wants to live in Canada during the summer months and then migrate to the Carolinas in the winter months. The availability of food is the goose's overriding need to migrate. But man has built cities and towns where geese, scavengers by nature, have found plentiful supplies of food and therefore no long migrate as they used to.