How does environmental science affect us?

1 Answer
Feb 28, 2018

Environmental science helps us understand nature better.


Environmental science is very important. We learn about it to understand why the environment is special so that we can protect it. For example: In the 1900's, the United States government started having farmers use powerful pesticides to keep insects away from crops.They continued to use more and more pesticide across the country.

One woman named Rachel Carson had studied environmental science and loved nature. Rachel Carson started noticing the absence of birds and connected it to the usage of pesticides. She discovered that insects would be affected by the pesticides and die, then birds would come and eat the dead bugs. The poison from the bugs was now inside of the birds, and the amount of poison increased whenever they ate poisoned insects. Birds started dying from poison, and soon other creatures were affected as well.

Rachel Carson shone light on the issue by writing a book called Silent Spring. She fought against pesticide companies and gained enough support that the government created pesticide regulations to limit pesticide usage. Without environmental science, it is likely that many, many more animals would have died. That is why environmental science is so important to learn and understand because whatever happens to the environment affects all of us.