How does human population growth affect extinction of other species?

1 Answer
Jul 10, 2018

The more humans grow, the more other species die.


Humans have committed genocide on the species level. The last great extinction was from an asteroid, and we're causing the next one (the 6th Great Extinction). As the human population grows, we destroy more habitat, kill more animals for food, release more pollution into the atmosphere, soil, and water supply, all of which increase the rate of extinction of species.

An article by the Guardian said this:
"Under a “natural” rate of extinction, the study said that two species go extinct per 10,000 species per 100 years, rather than the one species that previous work has assumed.

Modern rates of extinction were eight to 100 times higher , the authors found. For example, 477 vertebrates have gone extinct since 1900, rather than the nine that would be expected at natural rates."

Here's the link if you're curious.