How does mining affect the Amazon rainforest?

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Nov 29, 2016

lots of ways.


Most mining in the Amazon Rain Forest is Bauxite or similar substances, and huge areas of land are cleared of all animals and plants before any work starts. In this patch of land, there could be an uncontacted tribe (this means that they haven't come in contact with any other humans apart from their tribes members) which will disturb them, and could possibly lead to a miner being killed because the tribe would think that they're a threat to them and their families.

The areas of land are about 3,000 square kilometres that they excavate. Once the wildlife is removed, the top layer of soil and rock are removed for the ores lying underneath to be revealed. An area of Tropical Rainforest this big will take decades to be restored to it's previous state, making it a cause of mass deforestation. Once tis process has been completed, it is repeated until the mines are satisfied.

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