How does the "cacophony" of the press change everything?

1 Answer
Jun 1, 2017

If you are referring to news publications by "the press", then the "cacophony" of the press can change everything by adding a slant to the news presented.


When we read published articles in the news or see them on screens, we regard the information to be correct for the most part.

In reality, the information we obtain has been filtered to a large extent by the writer or presenter for numerous reasons. The reasons may include improper or incorrect observations, haste in transferring the news and its presentation, omitted information, personal bias, and severe final editing by others.

We have all seen how a scrum of reporters encircle and literally press each other and their subjects in a cacophonous swell to make a "scoop". Each individual reporter is hoping to stand out and in some cases he/she may become almost important as the story.

All of these conditions lead to a slant or change in the information presented.