How does the lymphatic system help provide immunity?

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Oct 17, 2016

The Lymphatic System Helps keep body fluids level maintained and also they are the body's first line of Defence.


The Lymphatic System in our body covers almost all the areas of our body for total and overall protection from the bacteria and antigens or the foreign invaders which have gone past our outer body and now are travelling inside damaging our cells.

The lymphatic cells mainly consist a complex network of lymphoid organs such as-

  • Lymph nodes.
  • Lymph ducts.
  • Lymph tissues.
  • Lymph capillaries.
  • Lymphatic vessels

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Lymphatic organs in Human Body

Functions of Lymphatic System-
The Lymphatic system basically has these functions-

  • Absorption and Transportation of fat.
  • Production of White Blood Cells such as- Monocytes, Lymphocytes.
  • Removal of Extra fluid from the Body organs.
  • Removal of dead Fragments of cells.
  • Removal of Urea, Large protein molecules etc from the body.

Lymph Capillaries-
They are tiny tube like structures running in all parts of the body. Lymph capillaries differ from blood capillaries in 2 ways-

  • Lymph capillaries are close ended while the blood capillaries are open ended.
  • Lymph capillaries have bigger pores in comparison to blood capillaries.

Lymph Vessels-
The lymph vessels are just a bunch of Lymph capillaries coming together. Also Lymph vessels are broader than Lymph Capillaries.

Lymph Nodes-
The Lymph vessels have Glands at intervals known as Lymph nodes.
They contain the special Lymphocyte cells which help in cleaning of Lymph and also protecting the body against various types of diseases.

Lymph Ducts-
The Lymph ducts are just large lymph vessels which drain the body lymph to the subclavian veins. There are 2 Lymph ducts in the human body-

  • The Right Duct.
  • The Thoracic Duct.

Lymph Tissues-
They are rich in Lymphocytes and protect the body from various germs and diseases.