How does the solar system affect humans?

1 Answer
Feb 5, 2016

There is no scientific correlation between the dynamics of the Solar System and its affect on humans.


Science does not acknowledge from a Statistical view point that changes in the orientations of our neighbouring planets and moons has any affect on humans.

However if we study the trends in history and today you will find substantial interest in such topics which fall into the domain of Astrology. Clearly there is a significant sector of our planet that fail to agree.

However it is possible to test both concepts yourself and determine the significance in the form of time transition. That is relating pass and future events precisely to the nearest day. For example the number 456 can relate two time events in days. A general equation can be derived simply by dividing the Earths rotational period of 365.256 days divided by 107. All integer multiples of this will yield numeric values that link pass and future time events. Very similar to the fibonacci sequence.

Its a bold statement however I will give the the reader the opportunity to test the validity for themselves.