How does this thing even work this website and also how do I do a picture for when I answer someone??

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Feb 23, 2018

See explanation...


Hello there!

Personally, here on Socratic we have a great tutorial/explanation of how the entire site works. You can find all this wonderful information here. If you really want to be a big part of Socratic, I recommend that you read and go through all the material before posting any answers.

Hope to see you around!
~Chandler Dowd

Feb 23, 2018

No problem...


  • If you want to add a picture on this site to answer a question or, change your profile picture, you have to a simple work.
  • Just click the image option over your answer. (you should work on a desktop site not on mobile site otherwise you will not get the option.)
  • First...
    enter image source here
  • Then, to select your own image, click the point indicated by red line or, for web image click the black line.
    enter image source here

Then, you will get further option. Finally upload the image by clicking upload option.

Don't forget to give the source of image in the answer page.

Feb 23, 2018

Q&A Site


Well... I don't kind of get what do you mean by "how does this thing work"

The site is simply a question & answer place... like Quora... though you can only ask subject things and not go off-topic from studying and get life tips or something....

People have been chosen(although I'm not sure if there are any more than him) as moderates like Stefan V. that check that nobody is using abusive language... they can delete answer if they think that's racist or something or if you want him to delete them

and there are subject checkers like Stefan V. who give an answer a trophy which comes in the dashboard as well as other people could see it....

if you want to add photos to your answer.... click here
then this would appear and then click here..
then you can choose from the internet or choose your own file

If you want to know how to add symbols and make the text more great click here

If you want to know how to write great answer that'll get featured by the checkers.... click here

If you want to know who are the subject checkers... click here