How does weathering affect mountains?

I know that it will change its shape and appearance, but how?

1 Answer
Dec 1, 2017

Both mechanical and chemical weathering affect mountainous areas.


Mechanical weathering, or physical weathering, is done by water or thermally. When water gets in between rocks and crevices in the mountains and it freezes, rocks will expand (since frozen water expands) causing a physical expansion of rock. Also, being exposed to sunlight and thermal heat, rock on the mountain will also expand and break. Wind also can buff up a mountain pretty nicely too.

Not only mechanical, but also chemical weathering takes its toll on a mountain. Think of acidic rain that deteriorates rock, oxidation reactions happening in the rocks and stuff like that.

Don't forget the plants and animals that live on the mountains. Animals burrow and plants break up rock to get to soil, and in general make a different landscape on the mountain if given lots of time.