How does weathering, erosion and deposition contribute to the rock cycle?

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Mar 1, 2016

these 3 are few of many processes which helps in rock formation


to understand these processes and their contribution to rock cycle we have to study the whole cycle. I will explain in brief summary here:

first start with igneous rocks. magma erupts (Extrusive igneous rocks) or solidifies in sub-surface of earth (Intrusive igneous rock). when they are exposed Weathering and erosion occurs which is slow breakdown of rock through wind, water or other processes.

The weathered pieces (sediments) move to other places by wind or water and get deposited someplace else.
when there are enough sediments and there is overburden pressure on these sediments, they become a sedimentary rock.

due to overburden pressure they become metamorphic rocks. now the thing to understand here is that when metamorphic rocks are exposed, they too undergo weathering and erosion and their pieces also become sedimentry rocks