How does your anatomy change during pregnancy?

1 Answer
Jul 30, 2017

Some of the changes are:

Changes in skin : appearance of stretch marks, etc.

Changes in external genitalia : discolouration.

Changes in breast : tissue proliferation leads to growth in size, there is darkening of areola region.

Change in vertebral column : Lumbar curvature gets exaggerated (also known as lordosis). Other parts of vertebral column adjusts to change overall posture as the centre of gravity shifts.

Changes in diaphragm : its dome shape becomes exaggerated leading to overall decrease of volume of chest cavity.

Changes in uterus : the uterus is a pelvic organ but in last stages of pregnancy it occupies a large part of abdominal cavity due to elongation. Its weight increases about 20 times.

Changes in renal system : kidneys enlarge and ureters elongate.

Changes in pelvic girdle : pubic symphyses relaxes and allows the girdle to widen.

Changes in abdomen: enlargement of abdomen as the pregnancy advances. Abdominal muscles overstretch. Abdominal organs get pressed towards diaphragm and back.

There are several physiological changes as well.