How have telescopes advanced over the years?

1 Answer

First telescopes were built by spectacle lenses..\by a dutch optician.
named Hans lippershey.


Galileo built one with 30 times magnification. It was refractor with lenses at both ends..As refractors have chromatic aberration and spherical aberration Sir Issac Newton made reflector telescopes replacing lens with mirror..Over the years larger and larger telescopes were made..Now 10 meter telescope is in use and 30 meter is being planned.
As visible light alone is not coming from stars and galaxies space telescopes whcih works on X rays, Gama rays, UV rays etc wer made and sent to space to observe in such wave lengths.
Now now we have radio telescopes, X rays telescopes, Gama ray telescopes, Infra red, UV ray telescopes etc.