How is lymph formed, from blood until it is brought back into the cardiovascular circulatory system?

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Aug 13, 2016

The blood plasma leaks into the tissues during circulation. This is collected by the lymphatic system and is called lymph.


The lymph or the extra cellular fluid, drains into lymphatic vessels which converge to form a lymphatic trunk. There are two lymphatic trunks which are connected to veins at the base of the neck.

The Right Lymphatic trunk drains the upper right portion of the body into the rIght Subclavian vein. The Thoracic duct ( other lymphatic trunk) drains the rest of the body into the left Subclavian vein.
Thus lymph is returned to the blood stream.

Passage of lymph is supported by muscular contractions and valves.
The lymphatic vessels are punctuated at intervals by small lymph nodes that remove foreign materials and infectious micro organisms.