How is Pip, from "Great Expectations," a dynamic, or changing in attitude, character?

1 Answer
Oct 11, 2016

I would say he is more the latter than the former.


Although Pip is the central character in the novel, he is in many ways affected more by the characters around him rather than the other way around. This is true of Estella, Abel Magwitch, Miss Havisham and Joe Gargery amongst others.

This would suggest the dynamics of the book come from these characters rather than Pip himself. Until he realises the true meaning of values his life is shaped by others and the circumstances they define.

Therefore Pip is definitely more of a changing in attitude character. From his humble beginnings he is suddenly propelled into London society by a mysterious benefactor. In so doing he becomes a snob, eschewing the honesty and integrity of Joe Gargery.

His initial disappointment at finding out who his real as opposed to assumed benefactor is, reflects this hypocrisy and falseness.

However the fire in Miss Havisham's house, Magwitch's death and the fact that he loses all his wordly wealth males him realise where true values lie. This is completed when he finally cements his relationship with Estella.