How is pulling apart magnets similar to breaking chemical bonds? Does pulling apart magnets require energy or release energy?

1 Answer
Dec 3, 2015

Require energy.


When two magnets attract each other means that one magnet is using its negative pole (#color(blue)(S)#), and the second is using its positive pole (#color(red)(N)#).

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The attraction force is called an electrostatic force and is similar to the ionic bond in salts.

To separate the two magnets you will need to exert a force over both magnet pulling them in the opposite sides of the attraction.

If you are exerting force on the magnet it means consuming energy to do so, it means that you are spending some of your energy. Since the energy is conserved, so the energy that you loose is gained by the system(two magnets) and therefore, separating the two magnets require energy similar to breaking bonds.