How is ratio used in everyday life?

1 Answer
May 18, 2016

A very common use of ratio income spent on food to that on the rest

Example: #("Expenditure for food")/("Total free income-expenditure for food")-> "say " 30/70 #


Do not confuse this with a fraction. The total number of 'parts' is 30 on food and 70 on the rest making a total of 100 parts

So as a fraction of total free cash the food as percent is #30/100#

Suppose you had a litre of drink mix that had 15 parts flavouring to 130 parts water.

The total number of parts is #130+15=145#

So as a ratio this would be #("flavouring")/("water") ->15/130#

But as a fraction of the whole it would be
#("flavouring")/("water + flavouring")->15/145#