How many alveoli are there in the average male lung?

1 Answer
Jul 4, 2016

about 500 million


about 500 million (= 170 X 3X10^6 )

Male lung is about 3 L while female average is 2 L. The volume of adult female lungs is typically 10–12% smaller thanthat of males who have the same height and age.

One cubic millimeter lung parenchyma is around 170 alveoli.
The mean size of a single alveolus was rather constant with 4.2 X10^6 m3 (range:3.3–4.8  X10^6m3; coefficient of variation: 10%),

Alveolar number was closely related to total lung volume,
with larger lungs having considerably more alveoli.

In six adult human lungs, the mean alveolar number
was 480 million (range: 274–790 million; coefficient of variation:
37%). .

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