How many atoms are in 2.0 mol of Cu?

1 Answer
Dec 26, 2015

#1.204 xx 10^24#


The mole is simply a number: specifically, #6.02 xx 10^23#. It is in the same league as "million" or "thousand", but is more complex in the fact that it is a single number rather than a 'place value'.

So the fact that you are looking at copper in particular is irrelevant if you're just looking for the number of atoms in 2 moles of a substance.

In order to work this out, multiply Avogadro's number - the one I stated at the start of this explanation - by #2#. This will give you the number of molecules in #2# moles of a substance.

In other words, 1 mole of atoms is #6.02 xx 10^23# atoms. 1 mole of molecules is #6.02 xx 10^23# molecules. 1 mole of kittens is #6.02 xx 10^23# kittens (but don't try this atom home because the sheer cuteness is nigh on toxic).