How many atoms are there in 0.00150 moles of zinc? Please help me and explain it to me thanks

1 Answer
Mar 7, 2018

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The concept of the "mole" is based on the number of atoms in a single isotope of carbon, Carbon-12. In 12g of Carbon-12 there is a mole of Carbon atoms, or #6.02xx10^23# atoms of carbon.

For the rest of the atoms on the periodic table, their molar mass tells you how many grams of each you need to have a mole of those atoms, or #6.02xx10^23# atoms of that element.

If zinc has 1 mole, it will have #6.02xx10^23#. In chemistry we love to cancel units, so to solve your problem, we just cancel some units.

#"zinc atoms"="0.00150 moles Zn"xx(6.02xx10^23 \ "atoms")/"1 mole" = 9.03xx10^20 \ "atoms"#

If you just look at the units, this works out to:

#("moles" xx "atoms")/"moles"#

and this reduces to ATOMS.