How many C-C bonds are there in Hexene? What is the structural formula for Hexene?

2 Answers
May 14, 2015

"Hex" is the prefix for 6 carbon atoms and "ene" is the suffix for an alkene.

So there are 4 C-C bonds and 1 C=C bond

May 15, 2015

The suffix -ene means that a hydrocarbon molecule has at least one pair of double-bonded carbon atoms, #"-C=C-"#, and is called an alkene. The Greek prefix hex- means 6, and in hexene refers to the fact that it contains 6 carbon atoms in a molecule.

The chemical formula for hexene is #"C"_6"H"_12"#, and contains one double bond #"-C=C-"#, and four single bonds #"-C-C-"#.

There are several structural isomers of hexene based on the location of the double-bonded carbon atoms, and other factors.

The following diagram is 1-hexene, a hexene structural isomer with the double bond between carbon atoms 1 and 2.

The following hexene isomer is named 3-hexene because the double bond is between carbon atoms 3 and 4.

The following hexene isomers are called cis-3-hexene and trans-3-hexene. These are 3-hexene isomers that differ in three-dimensional space. Notice that the #"-CH"_3"CH"_2-# segments are on the same side of the double bond on the cis- isomer, and on opposite sides on the trans- isomer.